Monday, January 11, 2010

Young Strawberry Bd Company Strawberry Marshmallow Anime Question: Is The Older Sister Sexually Attracted To The Young Girls?

Strawberry Marshmallow anime question: is the older sister sexually attracted to the young girls? - young strawberry bd company

I just started this cartoon and thought it was so cute and funny. But I noticed some strange things that the older sister, while she watched the girls, etc. Is that pediphile or what? Of course, not hope, because that would be disgusting to see anime and doom: (

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tikuku said...

lol, uh, no, there will be no mo-pedophiles in the anime at all. But it does tend to look like pretty girls. I think one of the reasons is that this anime is really Shounen population, which means it is published in a manga for children. So without the big sister to get them to show them things to do, the girls, so it is not so interesting. Certainly continue to see that, if! I love this anime!

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